Become a Pearson VUEŽ Authorised Test Centre
Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

The form will take approximately 15 minutes to fill in.

INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the following five sections of the test centre application.

  • Section 1: Company information.
  • Section 2: IT training information.
  • Section 3: Systems requirements.
  • Section 4: Physical description of test centre (camera required).
  • Section 5: Contact information.

ALL sections marked with an * are compulsory and, therefore must be filled in.

SECTION 1 - Company Information

Please email a copy of Company Registration Document to:

SECTION 2 - IT Training Information
Yes No
Classroom Mobile Both

If you require further information on mobile testing please contact the Channel Sales team by email

Yes No
Yes No
SECTION 3 - System Requirements

Download and review the Hardware Requirements document to be sure your system meets the specifications.

SECTION 4 - Physical Description & Photos of Test Centre

Test centres are required to provide a distraction-free, secure testing environment with continuous candidate surveillance. A separate area is required for candidates to check in that would not disturb exams that are in progress.

Photos need to be clearly labelled and sent by email to (maximum size 2MB). Remember to include your company name and address on the email so that we may process your application in a timely manner.

OR mail to: Channel Sales, Pearson VUE, The lighthouse, 14 The Quays, Salford, M50 3BF, United Kingdom


  1. Exterior of building showing company name
  2. Reception and candidate check-in area
    (this must be a separate room from the testing room)
  3. Area of the centre where candidates secure their personal items away from the testing area
    (we recommend a lockable cupboard in the reception area)
  4. Test delivery area showing all workstations clearly
  5. Test Administrator location in the testing centre
  6. Administrator's view of the candidates
    (Please note: photos must show that all candidates can be observed at the same time)
    • If administrator is using camera to monitor, provide photo of camera in testing area and photo of monitor with view of all test stations
    • If administrator is viewing through glass window provide photo of view from the administrator station of all testing stations
    • If administrator is in room monitoring, provide photo of administrator sitting in the room with full view of the testing stations
yes No
SECTION 5 - Contact Information

Main/agreement contact:
(Must be authorised to sign agreements on behalf of your company)

Yes No

Onsite Technical/Installation Contact:
(Must be available onsite to install the Pearson VUE System)

Testing Administrator Contact/Proctor Contact:
Can not have or be studying towards a Microsoft or Cisco Certification. It is also advisable that this person can speak basic English)

Finance/Billing Contact: